Exude Spotlight Artists

Exude Spotlight Artists gives you a uniquely personal view of the music industry today. Hosts Lee Mitvalsky of Redferrie, Sam Sharkey of Franco Cozzo and Shaemus Corcoran of Exude Group bring you a real-life perspective on all things music, from recordings, to live shows, to touring, and much more.

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Featuring Ruari O’Driscoll

The fourth instalment of Exude Spotlight Artists features Ruari O’Driscoll, a multi-instrumentalist who’s best known as the drummer in Redferrie. In this episode we speak about Ruari’s musical pursuits, the state of gigs during Victoria’s lockdowns, and a bit about Great Southern Nights, New South Wales’ COVID-safe music festival being held late this year. We delve a little into what music might be like post-COVID and how heavily influenced a lot of music is from their times or the artists’ genuine interactions or emotions. We also comment on some government funding to the music industry — before getting a tad political about it. Oden’s back, too!

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Featuring Lui Light

In the third instalment of Exude Spotlight Artists, we speak to Lui Light, a passionate artist from Byron Bay, Australia, about developing his sound, making the right connections in the industry, working through isolation and the impact he aims to have on the universe. We discuss Falls Festival, who has just announced dates for the end of 2020 — and the implications of its all-Australian lineup with the need to support local music both live and recorded. Also up for discussion is managers: what makes a good manager, the unspoken power that management and bookings hold, and the relative dearth of artist management in Melbourne. With COVID-19 creating more of a scene for streaming, we also unpack the implications of streaming post-lockdown, and how it will become a fundamental aspect of live music moving forward. Finally, with the much-changed landscape we’re due to see, are teenagers becoming the gatekeepers of the music industry?

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Featuring Arnt Mae

Shaemus, Lee and Sam, with special guest Arnt Mae, discuss creative pursuits and process for artists (especially during COVID-19), the state of live music, and the green and red flags when working with artists, venues and management.